Sun in Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Libra is all about balance. And the Tarot card for this sign is Justice. Find your balance this month by making sure you are taking a fair, unbiased and truthful look at whatever challenges and opportunities come your way.

Mercury in Libra (Oct 4 – 22)

Mercury moves into Libra this week on the 4th. Mercury our winged messenger is fast moving! Mercury governs communication. Combined with the energies of Libra, take time to make sure that what you say is balanced and fair. Sometimes our quick tongue can get us into trouble if we don’t pause to think first. Does what you say bring balance and peace to a situation or does it cause unrest. There is a time for all forms of speech…this week, the time is to focus on balance.

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer (Oct 6)

This Friday on Oct 6th our moon phase moves into its last quarter. Last Quarter is a turning point, you might experience this as a crossroads. It’s a time to clear the way for the new moon/ new cycle. This Last Quarter moon can help us prepare for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra on Oct 14. What do you need to adjust?  Using the energies of Cancer, this is a time to examine your emotional well-being. Also a time to look at any emotional attachments you might have to things that are not serving you. It’s time to let them go!