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Valorie Lewis

About Valorie

Hi, I’m Valorie! I’m an intuitive with a unique talent for delivering messages from Spirit with a sarcastic and witty twist. With several hundred readings under my belt, I have earned a reputation for my sharp wit and irreverent humor, making my clients and students feel both entertained and enlightened.

I am a Tarot reader, a psychic medium and a channeler. I am also a certified life coach and an ordained minister.

I am the founder of Tarot, Unicorns & Coffee, an online community of over 1900 meetup members and I host several online events every month. I also sit on the leadership team of Awkwardly Zen, another global spiritual community with well over 15K members

My Readings

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading includes any modalities that Spirit chooses to provide messages to you. This could include: channeled messages, tarot, mediumship, interstellar messages, etc.

If you are seeking an energy session, please select this option.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

In these fun readings we receive messages from Spirit by using Tarot and Oracle cards.

These shorter readings are a chance to get some quick guidance from the cards.

Special Themed Readings

I occassionally offer special readings for a limited time.

Such as my Lion’s Gate readings, 11·11 Readings and many more!  Check out my booking site to see what specials I’m offering.

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