Lunascope for Week of Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2023

As the Moon cycles through each of the signs each month (every 28.5 days) its energy can help you to establish emotional intelligence and to regulate your emotional well-being.

The Moon can help bring to the surface areas of your life where you need more work. Or can also make you more emotionally sensitive to topics or situations related to these areas of your life. It can be a great time to do some shadow work or deeper introspection regarding these personal areas. You can also use this time to clear away what’s not working for you in these areas. And finally it’s good to know what’s going on lunarally, so that if you become emotionally sensitive you can remember “It’s just a phase”, this too shall pass.

Each sign of the Zodiac is associated with a Major Arcana Tarot card. Below you will see the messages from the Tarot regarding the sign the Moon is transiting through.


This week the Moon transits through Leo (Nov 5-6), Virgo (Nov 7-8), Libra (Nov 9-11).

Leo Energy – Strength

Leo’s powerful lion energy is reminding you to make sure that mane of yours is in tip top shape! The spotlight is about to be on YOU!  It’s time to shine. What parts of yourself are ready to show to the world? Self confidence and belief in self will help you stand proud. This isn’t about ego…this is about you finally allowing yourself to LOVE the parts of you that are so awesome!! And opening up in a way that let’s the rest of the world see that awesomeness and love those awesome parts of you too!

Virgo Energy – The Hermit

Virgos have many great qualities, one of them being their continually search for healing and recovery. Virgo energy urges you to become your own source of healing. Turn within, like the Hermit, and find that inner wisdom that will help you to heal…then you can become a source of healing and wisdom for others.

Libra Energy – Justice

Say YES to Libra energy towards the end of the week! The scales are tipping in your favor! If things seem a bit wobbly towards the end of the week, just recognize that this is Spirit helping you to balance some things in your life. Get ready to receive blessings and abundance!