New Moon / Solar Eclipse on Saturday Oct 14th

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse takes place in the sign of Libra. Libra can help us bring balance back into our lives. New Moon’s are excellent times to set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. So think about which are of your life you would like to restore balance to and focus your intentions around manifesting that.

This Solar Eclipse in Libra will bring with it the potential for some major shifts in our personal relationships, because Libra is ruled by Venus. If you’re single, this could mean shifts in your relationship with self.

Libra energy during an eclipse will amplify both sides of the scale. Giving you a chance to experience the opposite of what you want and equally giving energy towards what you do want. During an eclipse many experience chaos and unrest, HOWEVER that does NOT have to be your experience. Knowing what to prepare for can help you see this eclipse for what it truly is….a chance to finally tip the scales in your favor!

Stay focused on what you want and send all of your energies towards your true intentions and trust that the Universe will balance things out for you.

Now would be an excellent time to get a reading from a trusted psychic or astrologer to help guide you through these energies.

Sun in Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Libra is all about balance. And the Tarot card for this sign is Justice. Find your balance this month by making sure you are taking a fair, unbiased and truthful look at whatever challenges and opportunities come your way.

Venus in Virgo (Oct 8 – Nov 8)

When Venus moves through a sign it can amplify or shift how we express and receive love. Venus in Virgo helps us to express love in practical, organized and grounded ways (Virgo is an Earth sign). This could mean running errands, doing detailed work, cleaning and organizing or just being there for our lovers. Love needs to make sense and have a purpose when Venus moved through Virgo.
The shadow side of Virgo energy is being overly critical of our partners or relationships. So be aware of this tendency during this transition.