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I’ve been focusing on creating methods to connect on a deeper level with my most engaged clients, viewers and meetup participants, to help them feel valued and appreciated.

Of course, whatever I created also needed to be easy and fun

With Divine guidance and inspiration from friends, I was able to create an exciting way to keep in touch with you. I’ve created a membership program!

All levels include instant messages sent straight to your phone, members only social network site access, early access to content, exclusive content and so much more!

Find the level that’s right for you and sign up today! 

Check Out These Magical Membership Perks!

All membership plans require opt-ins to receive text messages to your phone, be sure to complete your membership sign up by opting in via text.
*data and message rates may apply – check with your phone carrier.
**texting is available for US and Canada numbers only at this time. 

Membership Perks Details

A psychic in your pocket!

All levels will receive content, discount codes, links to recordings, announcements and whatever cool stuff I come up with delivered straight to your phone by text message.

*data and text messaging charges may apply, check with your phone carrier.

Social Network Access

All levels receive access to the private Social Network hosted on the Tarot, Unicorns & Coffee website. A special page where all your exclusive content will be posted, chat with friends, post your personal updates and photos and stay connected to the spiritual community. You will have access to content based on your membership level.

Weekly LIVE Zooms – Coffee Time with Goddess (Big Decks & Unicorn Magic)

This is a weekly live member’s only event. These LIVE sessions will include things like tarot card pulls, guided meditations with journaling, Astrological & Moon forecasts, rituals, open conversations, coaching calls, etc….pretty much everything I do, but delivered to you in a more personal way, in a closed group setting.

Behind the Scenes Sharecast via Marco Polo (Big Decks & Unicorn Magic)

You can view online or you can download the app for free.
Marco Polo Sharecast gives us another chance to share and connect in a lighthearted more casual way. You get a chance to see behind the scenes of my life and all the foolish fuckery that goes on. Welcome to my world!

Some Other Cool Creative Shit That You Have To Be A Member to Get

I love giving back to those that support me! Membership perks also include occassional gifts and surprises!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Unicorns Real?


And they are a bit insulted by your question.

Can I sign up for a lower level now and switch to a higher level later?


When upgrading a subscription, your purchase will be prorated based on the amount you have already paid and how long is left in your current membership.

Go to the Manage Your Membership page and then click on the “Upgrade or Change Your Membership” link, this will take you to the registration page where you will be shown a list of available options. If there is a proration credit available, it will be shown.

For example, if you purchased a $11.11 monthly membership and then, on the same day, chose to upgrade to a $22.22 per month membership. Since you already paid $11.11 for the first month, the new purchase is discounted by $11.11.

When upgrading, the renewal date will also change and reflect based on the date you are upgrading.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

I’ll be sad to see you go. And the Unicorns will cry 43.7 tears on your departure.

But cancelling a subscription is as EASY as the squeezy lemon everyone talks about.

When you decide to cancel your membership, your automatic renewal payments will be immediately disabled but you will retain access to your content up until the expiration date on your account is reached.

For example, if your account is due to renew on June 1 and you choose to cancel on May 15th, you will be permitted to access your content up until June 1. Your access continues for the duration of the period you have paid for.

Any further questions or issues please email

Do Unicorns drink coffee?


George the Unicorn does. He’s working on his own blend, I’ll let you know when it becomes available for humans. 

I have another problem not listed here

I’d be happy to help you.

Please send an email with your name & email used on the account and a description of the issue.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply, although I usually answer the same day.

Email me here: