Think of an area in your life where you would like some assistance.

Now imagine that you could hire a professional to take care of this area of your life. Perhaps you want a personal assistant to help you get things done, or a live-in nanny to help with the kids and housework, maybe you want a rich benefactor to pay all your bills and give you a generous daily allowance, or what about a magician who makes all your internal conflicts just melt away with the wave of a wand!

Who would you want on your team if you could have whatever assistance you wanted? Jot down a few quick thoughts about what your perfect assistant would do for you.

What kind of personality would your perfect assistant have? Write a little more about the type of person that would make the perfect assistant.

Now take just 60 secs to briefly daydream about an interaction you might have with your assistant. How are they helping you? How does it feel to have someone else taking care of things for you? Is your life easier? In what ways?

Guess what, this assistant DOES exist for you already in the form of your spirit guides.

Life is not supposed to be hard. Our guides are always available to show us the easy path to what we want. They are always lining up helpers, opportunities and abundance. What they ask is that we call on them, delegate tasks to them and trust that they will complete them for our highest good.