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Back To Soul Special Event

Sat September 17 @ 1:30 pm 3:00 pm CDT

Discover your soul purpose through all your lifetimes using Numerology and Tarot!

Tarot can give insight and guidance on why you have chosen to incarnate here on Earth during this lifetime.
Using numerology and Tarot archetypes we will determine your Soul Purpose card and then discuss how to interpret its meaning and apply it to your spiritual journey.

Bring paper, a calculator and something to write with.

Valorie is offering Soul Purpose card readings for the month of September.
During the reading we will go over your Soul Purpose card in more detail.
We will also determine your Personality card – what you have come into this lifetime to learn. And find your 4 Lessons & Opportunities cards. We will cover a total of 6 cards during your reading, which get you started on understanding your Tarot Profile. There are 16 cards in a full profile.
Schedule your Soul Purpose reading:  https://goddesswithanattitude.as.me/So…oseReading
Order your Complete Tarot Profile report: https://www.goddesswithanattitude.com/…le-report/


This event is FREE! However, if you would like to help support Tarot, Unicorns & Coffee you can now donate at: ko-fi.com/goddesswithanattitude